Hackers in your Network?

We Trap them!


The next evolution of Cyber Security!


CyberTrap offers revolutionary deception technology,

easily accessible and tailored to your needs.

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CyberTrap Maze

CyberTrap Succeeds where Prevention Struggles

CyberTrap understands the struggle of attack prevention and created significant relief by offering a revolutionary technology that not only helps to detect targeted attacks in real-time, but also to identify the attackers and their goals.

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Deception Technology as a Managed Service

Cost effective

No investment in hardware or hired professionals

Headache free

No false alarms and maintenance is entirely on us


From integration to deployment in a matter of days

Gain useful insights

Expose Attacker motives and procedures .svg

TrackDown Technology

Proprietary embedded mechanism tracks hackers without them being aware

Attribution Engine

Advanced mechanisms revealing attacker details, goals and techniques

100% Real Environment

Real operating systems and services to deceive the attacker with certainty

“Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte