Vara Group CYBERTRAP – Press Release – March 3rd, 2019

By 07.03.2019 News

Vara and CYBERTRAP Sign MoU for Business Partnership in India

New Delhi, India, March 2019: Vara Technologies and CYBERTRAP Software have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for establishing a partnership for CYBERTRAP´s solution to be launched in India. CYBERTRAP´s passionate team developed their sophisticated, easily accessible and Enterprise ready Deception Technology in Austria, Europe and has a successful footprint in the European Market. Together with Vara Technologies CYBERTRAP will expand their worldwide presence and see high potential in the Indian Cybersecurity market.

As part of the MoU, CYBERTRAP´s cutting edge deception technology against advanced cyber threats will be available to the very much advanced technology country India, as existing modern networks prevention alone is having a hard time to keep IT-infrastructures safe and secure. New attacks can bypass defenses and new business challenges require more accessible services. CYBERTRAP solution makes the fight against persistent threats and hackers residing for a long time in a network most effective and effortless.

Deception Technology from CYBERTRAP is a combination of Lures, Decoys and an intelligent Backend, which you can easily integrate in each IT infrastructure. CYBERTRAP’s solution lures hacker into an area of the company´s network with the same look and feel of the real infrastructure and begins learning the skill sets, the techniques, the motivation and finally the real target of the attack. This information will be provided to the SoC to help securing the important assets of the enterprises and on the way to keep the intruder out forever.

Speaking on the occasion, Jennifer Vishnoi from SREI said, “We are very happy to partner with CYBERTRAP and address relevant real-world cyber security threat and challenges in the security domain. The partnership will bring the European CYBERTRAP technology to India which marks a revolutionary new step in the Indian Cybersecurity market. Instead of blocking attackers, we lead them into a contained, monitored environment and track them inside the network to gather intelligence.”

Jack C. Wagner, CEO and founder of CYBERTRAP expressed happiness on the start of the collaborative efforts with Vara Technology, going a long way in providing Cyber Deception Technology, the need of the hour. He further elaborated, “We strongly believe in shaping the status quo of the Cybersecurity market and we are continuously challenging the attackers to be one step ahead! We are delighted to partner with Vara Technology and are convinced that this association will facilitate and successfully develop the market for our groundbreaking technology in India”.