CYBERTRAP Succeeds where Prevention Struggles

In modern networks prevention has a hard time to keep IT-infrastructures safe and secure. New attacks can bypass defenses and new business challenges require more accessible services.

IT infrastructure is vital for any company’s day-to-day business and consequently we witness an increase in complexity. Any modern business requires a vast number of internal as well as external applications and resources leading to an amount of external connections that is difficult to manage. Additionally, attack concepts adapt quickly. As a result, prevention has a hard time to catch up to keeping your networks clean. You could say, it is like fixing an endless fence patch by patch: expensive and never sufficiently quick.

cybertrap intruder

CYBERTRAP is the Evolution of your Security

CYBERTRAP operates from behind the Firewall and acts as an additional layer of protection and extension of the existing security systems.

CYBERTRAP is a revolutionary new step in cyber security. Instead of blocking attackers, we lead them into a contained, monitored environment track them inside the network to gather intelligence.

In our scenario, the attacker will not only show us the holes in the fence, but also tell us who he is and what he is looking for. In other Words: CYBERTRAP is not just a Honeypot, it is a monitored environment.

Looks and feels real to the attacker
Tailored to your infrastructure
Cannot be fingerprinted
Does not contain valuable assets

How it works

Our deception solution is easy to deploy. We do the expert work, so you can rest assured that you’re protected.


Set up lures

Place lures across the network.

Contain attack

Divert attackers into a monitored environment.

Gain Insight

Monitor and analyze attackers for vital threat intelligence.

Insightful technology for beneficial intelligence


CYBERTRAP offers several tools to help you build up a perfectly tailored deception environment.

While these tools are highly complex under the hood and offer a vast number of features, they are still easy to understand and set up.

Endpoint Deception

We integrate agentless lures on productive endpoints that point to our decoys. A normal user will see no difference. To the attacker, these decoys are indistinguishable from the real production hosts as they are custom-tailored to your network. Furthermore, we fill them with information that looks real, but has essentially no proper value for the attacker.

Web Application Deception

We place agentless lures in strategical positions of your productive application services. Lures are invisible to any normal user but will be found during targeted attacks. The lures are directly connected with decoys. Once the attacker enters one of these decoys we can monitor his behavior and start tracking his movements.

Clever protection for clever companies.