Stress-Free Cybersecurity Solution


Our deception technology is designed with one purpose in mind – to stop attackers from breaching your system and causing damage. Our local threat intelligence feeds help to keep attackers out of your network. CYBERTRAP offers comfortable, stress-free 24/7 protection while gathering vital intelligence on attacker activities and intent.

Local threat intelligence feeds
Insight on attacker activities
No false positives

Deception Technology On-Premise or in the Cloud

Two options to choose from

Managed services

Our deception as a managed service has been previously accessible only to large companies. For the first time midsize companies can benefit from deception security in a convenient subscription model that won’t stretch their budget or resources.

  • No capital investment
  • No need to hire experts
  • No additional overhead costs

Supported services

Large enterprises and government agencies are vulnerable to persistent attacks. Such organisations usually have an internal security team which can be supported by CYBERTRAP. We provide training and assistance to help kickstart your deception operation.

  • Easy integration with existing security stack
  • All the necessary training provided
  • Fast and reliable customer support

CYBERTRAP is the solution for your Company

Implementing an extra layer of deception security is the right move for any organisation storing valuable, highly sensitive data which hackers desire.

  • Government & law enforcement agencies
  • Banking, financial services & insurance (BFSI)
  • IT, telecom & technology
  • Utilities & and national critical infrastructure (CNI)
  • Production plants & manufacturing
  • E-commerce & retail chains
  • Healthcare companies

Clever protection for clever companies.