What is deception?

Or in other words, how do you protect yourself as a company against increasingly sophisticated attacks?

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Towards a better security in 3 steps


Perform a cost-benefit analysis

Most security insurers have excluded hacker damage from their coverage and no longer pay out on such claims. Just how much money can deception technology really save? We answer these questions and more in our guide: How do I explain the value of Deception technology to my CFO?


Schedule deployment

It only takes a few hours until the solution is ready for use. You schedule the most convenient time with our sales department.

You then decide whether your IT department should take care of the ongoing support or whether to outsource this task to us until the appropriate know-how is available internally.


Lock hackers out

Once the attackers have entered the deception environment, there is no direct way back into the production system. Through so-called threat intelligence, we can draw conclusions as to what the target of the attack was and how the attackers breached the system.

What others say

In the case of systems that have not been patched to date, it should be assumed that they have been compromised.

Federal Office for Information Securityin a press release about the Microsoft Exchange Hack

Attackers have the advantage over defenders. For decades, money, patents, and efforts have done nothing to change the situation. Now, as a result of the SolarWinds hack, we are learning that defenders are, if anything, falling further behind. The top priority must be to reverse this trend so that defenders finally get the upper hand.

Jason HealeyCyber-conflict researcher at Columbia University and former White House security adviser

The dwell time of hackers in productive systems is extremely long. Just imagine what an intruder can do if he remains undetected for 2 months.

IT-Experte zum SolarWinds Hack

Which Deception solution is right for my business?

We currently offer three different packages, each of which you can either manage yourself after a short training session or book with an optional managed service.

State-of-the-art security technology is particularly suitable for banking, finance, pharmaceutical and industrial companies. But even SMEs, which often lack IT expertise altogether, find themselves increasingly at the mercy of the growing number of hacker attacks. Unfortunately, so-called herd immunity does not work against targeted or random attacks.

Web Application Deception

We place autonomous decoys (lures) at strategic positions of your web applications.

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Endpoint Deception

Even if specific devices on the network are compromised, the rest of the infrastructure is protected. The decoys are custom-designed and tailored for your network so that an attacker cannot differentiate them from the actual network elements.

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Active Directory Deception

By gaining access to an Active Directory, attackers aim to hide from security teams and their tools. Unknowingly, they obtain fake credentials.

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