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Web Application Deception

Gain valuable threat intelligence for your production network

For whom is Web Application Deception suitable?

CYBERTRAP Web Application Deception is specifically designed for companies as well as critical infrastructure, banks and government agencies that are facing or have already been victims of targeted hacker attacks.


For companies

The generated threat intelligence information, provided in real-time and in the MITRE/ATT@CK context, helps the SOC team focus on and analyze critical alerts more effectively.

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For resellers

Even IT security companies can benefit from the added credibility a CYBERTRAP partnership brings, giving them an edge in the marketplace. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation.

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Why are corporate Web Applications a popular point of attack for hackers?

Usually because they are often not well programmed or tested and therefore have vulnerabilities that a hacker can find and exploit.


Which Web Applications can be protected with Deception technology?

Any application that is accessible from the Web can be enhanced by Deception technology.


Why are Web Applications a popular point of attack?

Usually because they are often not adequately tested and therefore have vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit.


Which Web Applications are particularly vulnerable?

Every application on the Internet is vulnerable, especially if users can log in and retrieve services or data. Thus, the website of a public institution could in principle be just as interesting for hackers as online banking, a webstore or a fundraising by a non-profit organization.


Which vulnerabilities are particularly interesting for hackers?

Error pages, entries in robots.txt, interesting subdomains, etc. are very exciting for attackers. Although these are not displayed to the user visiting the application with the browser (and therefore often forgotten during testing), they are of course visible to hackers and their tools.


How is an attacker redirected into the Deception environment?

When the Web Application Deception is active, the Web Application is loaded with special lures that are indistinguishable from the actual application for the hacker. Once redirected to the decoys, the attacker can no longer cause any damage in the actual application and the responsible IT system administrator gets notified via an alert.

What happens next?

Cybertrap Step 1

Perform a cost-benefit analysis

Deception technology can reduce Security Operation Center costs by up to 32% (or $22,747 per SOC analyst per year). Find out more with a personal consultation.

Cybertrap Step 2

Schedule a Demo and Deployment session

Once you have completed our free demo session, we will arrange for deployment on the date of your choice. Our security experts will clarify any outstanding questions directly with you.

Cybertrap Step 3

Lock hackers out and optimize systems

The moment an unauthorized query is performed in the Active Directory, you are live. Your company data will remain well protected, and security gaps will be detected and addressed.

Non-binding consultation

We will gladly take the time to answer your questions. After submitting the form, one of our sales representatives will contact you promptly to discuss further about Web Application Deception.

“With CYBERTRAP, our goal is to beat any attackers at their own game and thus offer companies greater security with minimal effort.”

“Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

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