Deception Technology from Austria

CYBERTRAP offers advanced Deception Technology from Austria. Trap hackers in a monitored environment and analyze them.

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What is Deception Technology?

CYBERTRAP offers its clients uncomplicated solutions by effectively using deception technology. With deception technologies, attackers are redirected into a specially created IT infrastructure before they get the chance to infiltrate further into the actual infrastructure of the company. Within this fabricated environment, the attackers can be systematically monitored to identify their motivation, methods and sometimes even their identity as well as who they’re working for.

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Cybertrap Gesundheitseinrichtungen

CYBERTRAP supports health facilities

During this time, we want to make our contribution to ensuring IT security, particularly for organisations within the healthcare sector. This is why we’re providing organisations in the critical infrastructure sector against cyber attacks free of charge for 3 months. To make your system more secure against attacks from hackers.

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Why Deception instead of Honeypots?




Makes use of bait instead of security holes


Uses real systems


Finds APTs

Dynamisch Integriert

Dynamically integrated


High interaction

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

“Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte