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Frequently asked questions about CyberTrap use cases, benefits and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Is CYBERTRAP suitable for my business?

CYBERTRAP is the European leader in deception technology. If you want to enhance your security concept with the next evolution in Cybersecurity, then CYBERTRAP is the right product for your company.

Do I need any technical knowledge to install CYBERTRAP ?

No. We take care of the integration and configuration in accordance to your organization’s network layout.

Do I need any specialized hardware or additional third party software?

It depends on your mode of operation. Deception as a managed service is cloud-based and does not require any dedicated hardware. When managed on site, CYBERTRAP provides virtual appliances on your hardware to help mimic the actual network. We also offer a hybrid mode where the decoy is on-premise, and the backend is in the cloud.

Will CYBERTRAP work with existing security systems installed on my network?

Yes, CYBERTRAP acts as an additional security layer to your existing solutions. CYBERTRAP generates threat intelligence events which are fed into MISPs or to your existing security solutions to increase their effectiveness. In other words: CYBERTRAP will greatly enhance your security without affecting the existing infrastructure.

Do I need a dedicated person to operate or maintain CYBERTRAP?

No, CYBERTRAP can be implemented as a managed service. All the configuration steps required will be performed by our experts. Breaches will be contained following our tried and tested escalation processes. CYBERTRAP will also support your company with an incident response team if deemed necessary. If you want to use your own experts, CYBERTRAP offers training for all knowledge levels.

What are the minimum requirements for running the CYBERTRAP PRO software?

As virtualization environment you need either Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation 15 or VMWare ESX Server with at least 32 MB RAM and 200 GB storage.

What do we have to install/configure in our productive environment to run the CYBERTRAP PRO software?

In order for your endpoints to reach the decoys, you have to configure a static route on your router. To distribute the decoys to the endpoints, we recommend a Scheduled Task that is executed regularly on the endpoints (GPO or distribution software). This runs the Deception Manager, which ensures that the bait is placed or removed on the desired endpoints. Otherwise, no additional software is required.

Do you still have questions?

If you haven’t found your question in our FAQ, please get in touch with us.

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