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Cybertrap nominated for the up21@itsa Award

By 16.08.2021August 23rd, 2021News
Cybertrap Itsa Up21

We’ve been nominated for the best cybersecurity startup in 2021!

Our Cybertrap Deception technology works with monitored traps that look exactly like the servers in the productive network. The baits are tailor-made and adapted so that an attacker cannot distinguish them from the actual network elements. But in the deception environment itself, the hacker can no longer cause any damage and is being monitored with every step he takes.

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Did you know?

An average of 56 days goes by before hackers are discovered in a company’s network.

The worst thing about it: the intruders not only remain undetected for those 2 months, but can basically do whatever they want. You will never find out what they have done during this time. When the hacks at SolarWinds or FireEye went public, the hackers remained undetected for 7 months (and FireEye is one of the most renowned security companies).

Cybertrap Deception technology is able to automatically evaluate attacks and to link individual (apparently non-coherent) events with one another. This reduces both the response time and time-consuming false alarms, and, of course, the effort for the responsible IT managers.

The drastic increase in home office situations during the Covid-19 pandemic has fueled the number and associated costs of data protection violations. On average, the cost of a data breach worldwide is about US$ 4 million (IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020). In many cases, the use of deception solutions can lead to cost savings of up to 51% or an average of 62 euros per compromised data set. Looking at the amount of customer and company data processed in companies, it quickly becomes clear that prevention is actually much cheaper and reasonable than feeling safe “in the crowd” of other potentially more lucrative targets. Keep in mind: Hackers do not justify who is going be their next victim or why. And everyone started small, which is why seemingly uninteresting SMEs in particular are easy prey and thus the perfect playing field for the hackers of tomorrow.

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