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Product News – DocTracker by CyberTrap

By 01.03.2023March 15th, 2023News
Cybertrap Doctracker Product

Introducing DocTracker by CyberTrap, the solution for geo-localizing your sensitive Microsoft Office documents.

DocTracker is a service that allows users to tag documents like Excel, Word etc, enabling them to see when and where a document is opened and providing valuable insights into its usage.

With DocTracker, you can now ensure the security of your electronic documents with ease. The service allows you to track when and where a document is opened, all in real-time. You can also set permissions for the document, restricting access to certain individuals or groups, giving you complete control over the document’s distribution and access.

DocTracker is perfect for industries where sensitive information is regularly shared and tracked, such as finance, insurance, healthcare and legal services. The service provides a comprehensive solution for document tracking and management, making it easy for you to protect your intellectual property and comply with regulatory requirements.

By geo-localizing electronic documents, DocTracker ensures that you will know what happens to your data. It’s time to take control of your electronic documents with DocTracker by CyberTrap.

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