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How to use MITRE ATT&CK® for Deception Stories

By 24.11.2020September 3rd, 2021Case Studies
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The MITRE ATT&CK Framework® was developed with a single goal in mind: Better detection of attacker behavior after an existing compromise.

Deception technology detection assumes that attackers have already infected computers within an organization. The goal of a deception solution is to detect attackers before the damage is done and to redirect them to a secure environment. With our solution, we can analyze the techniques and tactics used in real attacks, which in turn provides security teams with important insights into the activities of the attackers.

CYBERTRAP’s Deception maps the MITRE ATT&CK Framework® and correlates with certain techniques from the matrix. Here is an excerpt of the available possibilities:

ID MITRE Tactics & Techniques CYBERTRAP Deception Recommendations
T1190 Exploit Public-Facing Application Use Web Application Deception
T1110 Brute Force Use servers as traps (decoys) with different operating systems and applications
T1049 System Network Connections Discovery Use traps (decoys) with different services and bait (lures) to lure the attacker to the traps
T1021 Remote Services Use RDP servers as traps (decoys) and sprinkle the network with lures that allow access to them
T1039 Data from Network Shared Drive Use traps (decoys) with shared drives on which you distribute TrackDown documents

These recommendations and many more result in a deception solution that is accurate and triggers traceable alerts without false positives.

Futher information about MITRE can be found at and


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About the author


Gerald Wallner
Head of Development at CYBERTRAP


CYBERTRAP is an Austrian company providing cyber security software, which is specialized in active defense and deception. Using Deception Technology, attackers are redirected into a specially created IT infrastructure before they can move further into the actual infrastructure of the company and cause damage.





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