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Product News – Phishing for Security by CyberTrap

By 14.03.2023March 15th, 2023News
Cybertrap Fishingforsecurity Mails

“Dear customer, we have noticed that you have not yet completed your personal data. Your user account will be temporarily blocked. Please check whether you click on the following link. your XY team.”

Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods cyber criminals use to steal confidential information created and created by organizations. The emails sent by the hackers are now deceptively real and often difficult to recognize.

Phishing for Security is a service from CyberTrap Software GmbH that helps companies check suspicious emails (including attachments).
We do what you should never do – we click on the links in suspicious emails and open the attachments from unknown sources. Then we observe in a secure (deception) environment how ransomware, Trojans and the like behave.
CyberTrap’s deception technology helps where existing security solutions fail.
Cybertrapcheck checks suspicious phishing emails. If you receive a suspicious email, forward it to us, including any attachments. Our team screens emails for known fraud patterns and identity theft attempts to ensure you are not giving away valuable information to a scammer.

Experienced experts give you feedback on whether damage can occur. This allows you to contribute to improving your own IT security.

More information about the solution is available at

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