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What helps against Layer 8 dangers or also against the DAU?

By 27.04.2021August 30th, 2021Case Studies

DAU (Dumbest Assumable User) is a reference to the word GAU (Greatest Assumable Accident). Also referred to as Layer 8 problem according to the OSI model. What at first seems humorous is a real threat to the security of companies. The best security concept can be rolled out, but if the employee is not aware of the dangers of possible misconduct, it can be remedied by further protection through deception technology.

The problem can arise, among other things, simply through unaware handling of phishing mails, incorrect surfing behaviour or the use of non-company datasticks. After all, why should a hacker look for the inconvenient way to get into a network when he can simply get the weakest point to hand over the access data.

How can Deception technology detect the consequences of Error-40 (40 cm in front of the monitor)?

Deception technology deceives hackers who are in the process of spreading through the network (lateral movement) to slowly prepare further attacks. Digital lures are placed on laptops, desktop computers, servers and key nodes within the network that are tailor-made so that a hacker cannot identify them as such, and normal users do not see them. As soon as the hacker uses one of these lures, he is trapped into a decoy, an alarm goes off and he can no longer do any damage. Now, in a protected environment, you can calmly observe what exactly happened and what the hacker’s intention is, thus gaining valuable threat intelligence information.

All this with minimal administrative effort, no false positives and associated alarm fatigue. Implementable through a minimally invasive intervention on your network that does not affect normal users.

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Felix Lüttich
Sales Director of Central and Southern Europe at CYBERTRAP

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